[ZWeb] website design discussion

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Wed Aug 23 07:11:51 EDT 2006

[taking people off the cc list, changing the title]

Tom Von Lahndorff wrote:

> http://modscape.com/zope
> I added "Design 2". I like it much better than "Design 1". I think we 
> should work off of "Design 2" Thoughts?

Hey, great!

I'm afraid I prefer design 1, myself. :) What do you like better about 
design 2?

I kind of liked the watery theme on top in design 1. I also liked better 
the way the boxes in the main area rendered, though we'll probably not 
need them for a typical sub page which will presumably contain text. 
Finally, there's more unused space on the left side in design 2, design 
1 seemed more efficient that way.

Note that both design 1 and design 2 have a slight problem in the 
rendering of the menu, the word 'documentation' is too long and runs 
into the next entry. This is on Firefox on linux.

I'd still like to see the design for a sub-page. After all, we're mostly 
going to see such sub pages.

That is, no blue boxes on the side; that's something good on a front 
page, and "plain text" in the middle (perhaps with an image or two). 
Since I'm not a big fan of pull-down menus for navigation myself, 
perhaps some of the sidebar space could be used for navigation (I'd 
prefer the left hand side), instead of the menus on top, or perhaps we 
could use some of the space for info boxes.

plone.org uses tabs on the top for major areas and a sidebar for the 
subsites - it seems to work well for them, so perhaps this might work 
for us too. What do people think?



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