[ZWeb] volunteers wanted! zope foundation website as guinea pig

Lennart Regebro regebro at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 07:20:53 EDT 2006

On 8/23/06, Martijn Faassen <faassen at infrae.com> wrote:
> I do think it's faster to get going with this.

OK. We can always switch. I have a mantra: "If it works now, then use
it". This means to never hold out for something that might be better
in the future, because it aint gonna happen. :)

> > However, integrating that layout into something that can be used
> > primarily on Plone (or CPS. Or maybe both, with CPSSkins) usable for
> > any *.zope.org microsites seems to be to be a worthwhile task.
> That's a very welcome offer! We have a (hopefully still) standing offer
> from the Plone community to host the site on the plone.org
> infrastructure that we definitely need to investigate.

I have never adapted a design for Plone (or even CPS for that matter)
so I have no idea what kind of effort is involved. I have heard evil
things though. :-) Maybe we can start a product to hold the skins
somewhere, so several people can work on different bits of it?

> > Yeah, I second that question. :^) It seems to me that the fastest way
> > of doing this is doing what was done yesterday, and redirecting
> > www.zope.org/foundation there.
> Unfortunately it was in a hosted environment entirely separate from
> zope.org or even the zope community as far as I'm aware. We also had the
> impression that it seemed to offer limited content management facilities
> - more facilities to maintain members and so on, but we don't have a
> need for something like that just yet.

So, is there a reason NOT to use it? And if there is, is there a
reason not to use it temporarily. Pointing it there now, and switching
to a script based system in a couple of weeks, would be much better
than just switching in a couple of weeks, imo.

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