[ZWeb] volunteers wanted! zope foundation website as guinea pig

Mark Pratt mark at zopemag.com
Wed Aug 23 07:46:01 EDT 2006


>>> I hope we can all have this together in a couple of weeks,
>> Weeks? Wasn't it working yesterday? :-)
>> On 8/22/06, Andrew Sawyers <andrew at sawdog.com> wrote:
>>> What's up with zopefoundation.org - especially since it's changed  
>>> since I
>>> looked at it yesterday?  :P)
>> Yeah, I second that question. :^) It seems to me that the fastest way
>> of doing this is doing what was done yesterday, and redirecting
>> www.zope.org/foundation there.
> Unfortunately it was in a hosted environment entirely separate from  
> zope.org or even the zope community as far as I'm aware. We also  
> had the impression that it seemed to offer limited content  
> management facilities - more facilities to maintain members and so  
> on, but we don't have a need for something like that just yet.

Well, considering what kind of files are currently posted on  
www.zope.org/foundation (these seem to be all .pdf files) these could  
have been easily posted in the File Center of "yesterdays"  
www.zopefoundation.org site.

For an example of another site doing this see:


The previous system certainly does offer limited CMS capabilities (by  
design) ... but so far I don't see any content that would prove a  

The goal was to help out the foundation quickly *have a presence*.  
For this reason I took the initiative and coordinated with Rob and  
Tom and our designer/developers and our hosting provider to set  
something up right away -- to build momentum.

If the foundation liked the system great / if not than at least there  
was something to start with and later to copy and paste to another  
site/cms once it was ready. Now we don't have a foundation website to  
speak of and "weeks" to wait until we have something comparable?

Doesn't matter what system is used but we certainly have less than  
before -- unless anybody considers a zope.org page with 8 pdf  
downloads progress.

Anyway, good luck with that.



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