[ZWeb] the zope foundation contents discussion

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Wed Aug 23 09:12:11 EDT 2006

Hi there,

We seem to be making good process on layout and technology. Now as to 
contents. What should the Zope Foundation website contain?

Right now we have a whole bunch of PDFs, some describe rules for the 
foundation (bylaws, intellectual property policy), some of these are 
signable agreements and such for members.

What we need is a text introducing the foundation and its goals. We 
should also provide a text describing the composition of the board and 
the current active committees (and who is on them). We also need to 
describe the present membership. We all need to fit this into a few 

My thinking leads to the following pages:

* about the foundation

   * introduction text

   * bylaws, policies

* news

* membership

   * board composition

   * committees (with mailing lists)

   * membership

   * join the Zope foundation!

Eventually we'll also have to add pages about the Zope Management 
Organisation, though perhaps this simply delegates to some pages 
maintained by the zope developers.

Overall goals of this site:

* say what the Zope foundation is to anyone who wants to know

* give the impression that Zope's future is well in hand with the 
Foundation. This is important for people promoting Zope the platform; 
strangers will be pointed to this website and we want to give a good 
first impression.

* tell people want to do if they want to get involved. How to become a 
member, what mailing lists we're active on, etc.

* allow people to see what the current status is of the foundation.

* allow people to dig up the legal details about the foundation.

This is just a rough sketch; there are many ways to organise this, and 
I'm likely missing bits. What do you think should be on the foundation 
pages, and how to organize things?



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