[ZWeb] Re: rough draft of site

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Fri Aug 25 06:55:33 EDT 2006

foundation web team wrote:
> This is concering the new zope foundation site draft ....
> we are focusing only  structure NOT content.

Obviously structure and content (as well as good presentation) are all 
important. We can't really set up a good structure if we don't think 
about the content, too, right?

> we are using  properties to store memberships and will complete the list 
> based on what jim gave us sometime ago (so its not a complete list)
> we are not going to create any software .

I think this is responding to my earlier, private feedback, where I was 
worried that a property on a page template was used to maintain the 
membership list, along with a python script in the ZODB. My suggestion 
is not to worry too much about the presentation of this list right now, 
and not worrying about the way it's stored. I don't think it's the most 
important problem we need to solve in the construction of the foundation 

> If you all have any feedback on structure please let us know.

Did you read my structure mail that I sent to this list previously? It's 
not feedback directly, but it discusses structure. I've just forwarded 
it to you; I'm not sure I did before.



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