[ZWeb] Re: website design discussion

Tom Von Lahndorff tom at modscape.com
Mon Aug 28 11:19:38 EDT 2006

Sorry Chris, I didnt mean to harsh on you. That was meant in fun as  
much as it is in truth.

I dont mind any negative feedback, but what Im looking for more like:

- What content do we need and where should it go.
- Suggestions for better functionality (like the title bars of a  
table should be clickable to rank items by that criteria).
- This page blows up in my browser or the nav doesnt work.
- Suggestions for homepage content (News and updates RSS Feeds,  
- Editing of text if some information is too wordy or confusing.
- Site structure and content boxes, wireframes.

Im trying to avoid things like:

- I dont like that color. (Unless its really nasty this is 100%  
- Fixed width vs. Fluid layouts. (This debate has been around since  
tables. We need to just pick one. For every person that doesnt like  
the space on the side of the page with fixed width there will be  
another person who doesnt like the extra white space at the bottom of  
every page on fluid width layout)
- Anything thats really subjective issue that can be debated ad  

Im trying to avoid design by committee. Ive worked on like hundreds  
of TV and Radio websites and basically they all look a$$. This is  
because everyone from the morning show host to the general manager to  
the salespeople all b!tch and moan until they get what they want and  
the end product is hideous frankensite. I dont think that would  
happen here but I want put down the hammer anywhere I see it start to  
creep in.

The big difference here as well is that the site will be built on  
Zope! This means was can all tweak it to our hearts content because  
it's built smart, on a flexible and scalable backend. Instead of  
trying to get something *great* out of the box, lets get up a *good*  
site and go from there and make it great. Lets get it up and running  
and functioning and focus on the content wrapped a good and nice  
design and go from there...

I want to keep momentum on this.

On Aug 28, 2006, at 10:23 AM, Chris Withers wrote:

> Tom Von Lahndorff wrote:
>> Here we go again.
>> Step 1. Propose a project to the Zope community.
>> Step 2. Plone sucks / Plone is great battle begins, everyone  
>> complains about what they dont like.
>> Step 3. No actual work ever gets done.
>> Step 4. Repeat in 6 months.
> Er, Tom, you asked for feedback...
> I *like* version 3 of design 1.
> I *really* like all the work you've put in to this.
> Given a choice between the latest design going in and nothing  
> happening,  I'd choose the latest design any day of the week.
> Given the choice betwen the latest design and version 3 of design  
> one, I'd choose version 3 of design 1.
> I'm sorry not all feedback is positive, but if you don't want it,  
> don't ask for it...
> Chris
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