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Brian K. Holdsworth bhold@awod.com
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 19:52:58 -0500

Hi Winston,

I am also new to Zope, but I can tell you that it sounds like an application
for "cookies."  In case you are not familiar, "cookies" are files created by
the browser on the client machine that can be used by your server to store
persistent state information, like a visit count or a last visit date.

There is a document on the ZDP site called The Zope Book.  It contains lots
of useful information, including a section on using cookies in Zope.  Check
it out at:


Best Regards,
Brian Holdsworth

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i'm a newbee to Zope . i'd like to know what purposes can a  Z Class serve ?
i've also been working on maintaining state ie session for a visitor. how do
i go about doing something like, displaying to a visitor the number of times
he has visited a particular page. please help....