[Zope] GenericUserFolder authenticates but Zope rejects

Chris McDonough chrism@digicool.com
Wed, 1 Dec 1999 11:28:47 -0500

Gotta be a permissions issue.... or do you have two instances of any
kind of user folder?  That is, is the GUF in the subdirectory and is a
regular User Folder in the root?

> Chris McDonough wrote:
> > 
> > Does the document that you're trying to point jorge to have
> > standard_html_header and standard_html_footer?  If so, try 
> taking them
> > out and authenticating again....
> > 
> Yup, that works Chris. But doesn't that violate the concept of
> acquisition? If jorge can see the root folder's 
> standard_html_header at
> root level, why can't he see it after authenticating in a sub-folder?

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