[Zope] ZOPE and PHP3

Art Hampton arth@pacsg.css.mot.com
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 10:26:49 -0600

Wilfried.Trinkl@maxmobil.at wrote:
> Hi!
> 1) Can ZOPE be combined with PHP3? What are the difficulties?

I plan to do this (but have yet to tackle the project) by running Apache
as my server, and having it take care of serving up PHP documents.  This
will mainly be for legacy app purposes.

As for that content being outside of Zope and therefore not taking
advantage of the standard_header_*s, I have a number of options, listed
from least work to most:
1.  Don't worry about it - port PHP applications over time if/when it
makes sense.
2.  There is a product (I forget its name off the top of my head) that
allows you to embed the contents of another URL in your Zope based
page.  Depending on the complexity of the app, this may be all you need
to do.
3.  Extend said product to make form submittals seamless (assuming they
aren't, perhaps they are, I just don't know).

> 2) How can you get knowledge of all the properties of all or upper
> directories?
>      Is there a data repository for Methods, Properties, etc., which can be
> browsed through?

Someone else will have to tackle this....  I'm still fairly new.  There
may have been something published in the last couple of weeks on
zope@zope.org on this topic....  Check the archives.