[Zope] ZClass

Loren Stafford lstafford@icompression.com
Tue, 2 Nov 1999 08:22:28 -0800

I had the same problem. See thread 'Can't add "date" property to new ZClass'
from 1999-10-11.

Here is Michel's response:

[Zope] should be a little smarter than that.  In fact, it should be
smarter for instances also and just assume a sane value (like calling
DateTime() with no arguments, which returns 'now').

Please submit to the Collector.  Should be a pretty trivial fix if you
want to take a hack at it and submit a patch, just sniff for a null
value and insert DateTime() instead of DateTime(formvalue).


I didn't patch it; I submitted to Collector.

-- Loren

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> Hi,
> Just a little question:
> Yesterday, I was working with ZClasses. While making one of my own, I saw
> that Zope asked for a value to enter per property.
> Why does Zope asks for a value to enter for a new property when you're
> making a class? I understand that you've to enter a value when you're
> making a Class instance? But while defining a class??? Is this meant as a
> default value??
> This is particulary strange when working with a propery as date.
> What to do, if you don't want to give a default value? Zope always
> complains that you have to give a value.
> Please, help to clear my mind
> Tom.
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