[Zope] HTML entity syntax

Martijn Pieters mj@antraciet.nl
Wed, 03 Nov 1999 14:07:51 +0100

At 13:10 03/11/99 , Alexandre Ratti wrote:
>I came across the HTML entity syntax for variables (eg. using &dtml-myVar; 
>instead of <dtml-var myVar>).
>I find it very interesting to simplify DTML code. I'll write up a tip.
>It doesn't seem widely used, though. It doens't show up often on this 
>mailing list. Are there any reason not to use it?

I do use it a lot, but the plain &dtml-varname; syntax is intended for use 
within HTML tag attributes, and as such will insert the variable HTML 
quoted. So if you include &dtml-standard_html_header; you'll find your 
header HTML source in the browser, instead of it's rendered HTML.

In the upcoming version 2.1.0, the syntax has been extended. You can then 
specify var tag options, which influence the formatting. Some examples:

   &dtml-var;            # HTML quoted
   &dtml.html_quote-var; # Same
   &dtml.url_quote-var;  # URL quoted
   &dtml.upper-var;      # All in uppercase
   &dtml.url-var;        # The absolute URL of the object, not the
                           object itself (new in 2.1).
   &dtml.-var;           # Verbatim, unformatted.

You can also combine:


for an all-caps HTML quoted version. If you want it, that is. =)

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