[Zope] MSWord Product...

Ben Leslie benno@sesgroup.net
Thu, 4 Nov 1999 05:01:53 +1100

> Magnus,
> I have a set of external methods that do just what you want,  The documents
> are converted into a XMLDocument put into Zope and are then searchable via
> ZCatalog.
> The script runs on NT since it uses a com interface to Word to do the work.
> Works beautifully though.
> http://media-1.ml.uwcm.ac.uk/test/frameset to see it.
> If you would like a look at the scripts, mail me privately.
> Phil
> phil@wigwamweb.net
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> |>Hi.
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> |>I have a bunch of MS Word 97 files that I want to put onto the web, into
> |>Zope. They can be converted to html, pdf or remain as doc, I dont really
> |>care. But I want to keep the layout, fonts etc. Saving as html in word
> |>doesnt do that very well.
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> |>Is this possible somehow? I guess I want a catalogaware MSWord Product
> |>or something... but is there any way to provide a search interface?
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> |>/Magnus Heino

Another option is the word->html conversion program. I don't have the
url but just search on (www.freshmeat.net)

The results I have seen are reasonably good, probably not perfect though.
If layout it critical I would suggesting converting to PDF using the Adobe
Acrobat (unfortuntely this is quite expensive :( )