[Zope] Selection Box

John Glossner John Glossner" <glossner@pobox.com
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 21:39:31 -0700

I have searched most reference material with no avail to try 
to find out how to set up a simple selection box.

I have a ZClass called LinkClassification to which I have attached
a property link_class which is assigned to value link_class_data.

My question is where do I create the variable link_class_data?
I think it should be as another property in the same directory.
When I do this the zope management screen hangs.
I presume this is because I did not define the link_class_data
property correctly. What are the valid types allowed for
a selection box - strings,text,etc.?

Does someone have the syntax for how the selection box is
assigned a variable? Or is there an example somewhere I 
can reference?