[Zope] Dynamically Accessing Subfolders

James W. Howe jwh@allencreek.com
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 17:36:02 -0400

I want to write a DTML method which iterates over all subfolders contained 
in a specific folder and execute a DTML method from each of the subfolders 
that were found.  For example, suppose that I had the following folder 

Folder A
	Folder B
	Folder C
	Folder D

In each of the subfolders there is a DTML method called "myName" which 
answers some string value.  For example, myName as defined in Folder B 
might be "I'm B".  When I execute the method from anywhere in the folder 
hierarchy I want to get an answer similar to:

I'm B
I'm C
I'm D

Is there a method that I can call for a folder which will give me it's 
subfolder names?  I'm assuming that if there was such a method, I could use 
a dtml-in tag to iterate over the results.  If there is such a method, what 
does it return and how could I use that information to send a message to 
each subfolder in turn?


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