[Zope] ZSQL, call for early beta testers

Peter Bengtsson peter at fry-it.com
Sun Apr 1 14:55:40 EDT 2007

I've developed a little module that makes it really easy to plug in .sql 
files into a python product class as ZSQLMethods. It's extremely easy to 
use and doesn't require any CMF or ZODB stuff. It also has support for 
memcache for those of you with slow db queries that you need to repeat.

It works something like this::

  from Products.ZSQL import initializeSQLfiles
  class _SQLBase(Acquisition.Implicit):
     dbConnection = 'Psycopg_database_connection'
  class SQLUser(_SQLBase):
  folders2classes = {'sql/Userstuff': SQLUser}
  home = package_home(globals())
  initializeSQLfiles(folders2classes, home)

If in the folder 'sql/Userstuff' you have a file called 
'select_users.sql' you will the be able to just run:

  # select users:
  print SQLUser.select_users()
  # same but first printed the final SQL used
  print SQLUser.select_users(debug__=True)
  # save time for the next call
  print SQLUser.select_users(memcache__=True)

Is anybody interested in a being early beta testers before I release it 
as Open Source? It works quite well here for me but I fear I'm getitng a 
bit home blind based on just my needs. I'm pretty sure it works but some 
early feedback would be appreciated.


Peter Bengtsson,
work www.fry-it.com
home www.peterbe.com
hobby www.issuetrackerproduct.com

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