[Zope] All Of My Zope 2.6 Transactions Since 2/6/07 Are Gone!

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sun Apr 1 15:12:13 EDT 2007

Mark, Jonathan (Integic) wrote at 2007-3-30 12:46 -0400:
>Zope 2.6.2 on Red Hat 7.3 started acting flaky a week or two ago. It started dying every day or so. Then it lost all transactions since 2/6/07, displaying content as it was two months ago.
>Then it recovered the lost content, now it has lost it again. Zope Undo shows incorrectly that there were no transactions between 2/6/07 and 3/28/07 when the data loss occurred.

Zope by itself cannot loose content:

  It stores data (by default) in a "FileStorage" and
  a "FileStorage" is a transaction log file.

  All modifications are additional transaction logs
  appended to the file.

If you see that the latest transactions are lost, then
someone else modified the storage.

I know of 2 situations where such things can happen unexpectedly:

 *  When you move or remove an open file under *nix, then
    all processes that have this file open continue to
    use it (even though it is now in a different place).

    Any new process, however, may no longer see modifications
    done after the "move/remove" (at least not at the original place).

 *  About 2 years ago, one of my disks started to die.
    Linux gave me the impression that my work proceeds, just
    a bit slow and with tons of disk problem reports.

    The warning signals have been heavy enough. I made a complete
    backup. That was very wise because after a Linux restart,
    my work has been wiped out: Linux had been no longer able to store
    my changes on disk. It had worked only in its buffers -- and after
    the restart, the buffers were empty.


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