[Zope] ZSQL, call for early beta testers

Peter Bengtsson peter at fry-it.com
Mon Apr 2 04:45:15 EDT 2007

Maciej Wisniowski wrote:
>> It works something like this::
> (...)
>> If in the folder 'sql/Userstuff' you have a file called
>> 'select_users.sql' you will the be able to just run:
>>  # select users:
>>  print SQLUser.select_users()
>>  # same but first printed the final SQL used
>>  print SQLUser.select_users(debug__=True)
>>  # save time for the next call
>>  print SQLUser.select_users(memcache__=True)
> Few questions :)
> sql/Userstuff is a filesystem folder or a folder in ZODB?
On the filesystem. No ZODB.

> How does select_users.sql look? is this dtml with parameters
> like in ZSQLMethods? Can I just pass parameters like:
> SQLUser.select_users(param1='p1', param2='p2')?
Exactly like DTML ZSQLMethods.

> Have you compared zsql + memcache performace with eg. CCZSQLMethods
> from Dieter Maurer?
Wasn't aware of this project. Will check it out.

>> Is anybody interested in a being early beta testers before I release it
>> as Open Source? It works quite well here for me but I fear I'm getitng a
>> bit home blind based on just my needs. I'm pretty sure it works but some
>> early feedback would be appreciated.
> I'm interested, although I can't guarantee quick response :)

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