[Zope] All Of My Zope 2.6 Transactions Since 2/6/07 Are Gone!

Mark, Jonathan (Integic) jonathan.mark at integic-hc.com
Mon Apr 2 11:22:15 EDT 2007

"""I know of 2 situations where such things can happen unexpectedly:"""

Thanks for the assistance. I was able to recover using an XML data backup outside of Zope and move the missing content as flat files to the Apache document root on a new server. Since I have decided to abandon the old machine now I won't bother to investigate why the data disappeared. 

What is the lesson learned? That when you are using an old (2.6.2) version of Zope there is an increased likelihood of something bad happening. Presumably Zope 2 gets more stable with later versions. So use Yum to upgrade Zope 2 regularly.

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