[Zope] Making pythonscript changes to formulator fields persistent

Gaute Amundsen gaute at div.org
Mon Apr 2 11:58:27 EDT 2007

On Monday 02 April 2007 17:51, Maciej Wisniowski wrote:
> > What to do?
> >
> > I guess some developer has worked hard to prevent me from doing just this
> > at some point, but why? Do I need to write a product  to do it?
> > Is anyone at all using this crazy development model where "semi trusted
> > users" do stuff in the ZMI???
> > But I digress..
> >
> > If anyone knows how to solve this I would be less frustrated for a while
> > ;-)
> Use ExternalMethod - easy just like python scripts and it's code is
> trusted.

I was thinking of that...
How would you do that? Do you know formulator enough to say?
Put the whole thing in the EM, or something simpler?
An EM I could just hand off the field object to, to get "persisted"?

(I find it a bit cumbersome to develop in EMs, reloading and all, so I tend to 
avoid it.)


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