[Zope] zope problem

kashif yaqoob mkyaqoob2002 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 4 08:53:59 EDT 2007


When installing zope-ERP5 in mandriva 2007 
and run the following command 
[root at mah ~]# urpmi.addmedia --update
nexedi http://nexedi.org/static/mandr
[root at mah ~]urpmi zope-ERP5
[root at mah ~]urpmi zope-ERP5Subversion

when we run zopectl the following error message occour

[root at erp zope]# zopectl
/usr/lib/python2.4/whrandom.py:38: DeprecationWarning:
the whrandom module is deprecated; please use the
random module
program: /usr/bin/runzope
daemon manager not running

and you can also see the event.log


2007-04-04T01:29:11 INFO(0) ZServer HTTP server
started at Wed Apr  4 01:29:11 2007
        Hostname: erp.mnd.net
        Port: 9080
2007-04-04T01:29:11 INFO(0) ZServer FTP server started
at Wed Apr  4 01:29:11 2007
        Hostname: erp.mnd.net
        Port: 9021
2007-04-04T01:29:11 INFO(0) Zope Set effective user to
2007-04-04T01:29:50 INFO(0) Zope New disk product
detected, determining if we need to fix up any
2007-04-04T01:29:51 INFO(0) Zope Ready to handle
2007-04-04T01:37:19 INFO(0) Z2 Caught signal SIGTERM
2007-04-04T01:37:19 INFO(0) Z2 Shutting down fast
2007-04-04T01:37:19 INFO(0) ZServer closing HTTP to
new connections


and below very helpul guide and follow all steps but
then erp5-zope not run why 


Any advice how to fix this and continue the install
would be apprecialted.

Best Regard;

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