[Zope] Re: zope problem

Josef Meile jmeile at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 4 12:41:39 EDT 2007

Hi kashif

> when we run zopectl the following error message occour
> ========================
> [root at erp zope]# zopectl
> /usr/lib/python2.4/whrandom.py:38: DeprecationWarning:
> the whrandom module is deprecated; please use the
> random module
>   DeprecationWarning)
> program: /usr/bin/runzope
> daemon manager not running
> zopectl>               
Well, actually that's not an error. The message is right; you haven't 
started zope. To start it, you have to run "zopectl start" without 
quotation marks.

Do "zopectl help" without quotation maks to see what you can do with it.


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