[Zope] [Ann] "analyseObjects": analyse live objects

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Tue Apr 10 15:35:44 EDT 2007

With ExtensionClass becoming a Python new style class (i.e. with Zope 2.8), Zope's main tool to analyse memory leaks (the "Refcount"s display in "Control_Panel --> Debug information) lost most of its value as it now only reports refcounts for old style classes and acquistion wrappers. Therefore, I developped analyseObjects. It can be used as an "External Method".

analyseObjects analyses the objects known to the garbage collector. Usually, these include only objects that can contain links to other objects (such as tuples, lists, dicts, class instances, ...). Therefore, it can not detect all memory leaks (e.g. an old leak losing string objects in the session machinery could not have been detected). Nevertheless, it is a valuable aid.

More information and download:



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