[Zope] Z Search Interface returns numbers

Peppe Top peppetop at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 17:27:28 EDT 2007

I've diligently followed the tutorial about searching in the Zope book:


You basically:
- create a ZCatalog object
- create a Lexicon and an Index
- finding objects and cataloging them
- create a web interface (with Z Search Interface) to search the ZCatalog.

When I search something in the SearchForm (via the "test" tab)
I just get numbers. I mean the ReportForm correctly reports the
objects containing the searched string, but lists handles (I guess).

Is this normal?

What can I do in order to get something like:


(the above are imaginary DTML documents matching
the search criteria, and their path to ZODB root)

instead of:



Thanks a lot
-- Peppe

(Plone 2.1.2, Zope 2.8.7, Python 2.3.5, Red Hat Linux)

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