[Zope] Problem with using versions.

Tino Wildenhain tino at wildenhain.de
Tue Apr 10 23:51:15 EDT 2007

Catherine E. Reinehr schrieb:
> Hi,
> I've been working in a version for over a week and finally finished my
> changes today.  I saved them and quit the version, but the affected folder
> still has a lock on it.  I've tried four times now to save my changes, and
> it's just not working.  The first time, it seemed to publish the changes but
> the folder was still locked.  On later tries, I encounter an error when I
> try to access the page after saving changes.  Any suggestions?

The built in version handling was deprecated long ago for exactly these
problems. Which Zope version are you using?

- back up your Data.fs(s)
- export your structure as it is (better do this per root element)
- undo your last steps (this is optional in case you cannot see
   important parts due to version lock) and export these objects
   as well

- stop zope/zeo and delete Data.fs(s), restart it and
   create your site again using your above exports.

- do not use zope versions anymore.

if your zope is old, try to upgrade while you are working
on it. In this case, you can skip step 4.


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