[Zope] VirtualHostBase VHM keyword doesn't work.

Paul Winkler pw_lists at slinkp.com
Wed Apr 11 01:36:12 EDT 2007

On Wed, Apr 11, 2007 at 12:23:14AM -0400, Mark, Jonathan (Integic) wrote:

> Zope 2.9 says in the Virtual Host Monster About Tab: "For example,
> suppose Zope is running on port 8080 behind an Apache running on
> port 80. You place a Virtual Host Monster in the Zope root Folder,
> and use Apache to rewrite "/(.*)" to
> http://localhost:8080/VirtualHostBase/http/www.buystuff.com:80/buystuff.com/VirtualHostRoot/$1."
> However, the following in my Apache 2.2 httpd file does not work:
> <VirtualHost *:80>
>     RewriteEngine on
>     DocumentRoot /var/www
>     Servername goodbyeken.com
>     RewriteRule /(.*)  http://goodbyeken.com:8080/VirtualHostBase/http/www.goodbyeken.com:80/goodbyeken.com/VirtualHostRoot/$1
> </VirtualHost>
> The above directive results in a Zope "resource not found" error.

It would be useful if you could tell us WHAT resource is not found.
Check your logs.  Your zope access log is very useful when trying to
configure rewrite rules; you can see exactly what path Apache request.

> I have a Virtual Host Monster called myVHM in my Zope root
> directory. myVHM is able to do redirections that do not include the
> VirtualHostBase keyword.  Why doesn't the VirtualHostBase keyword
> work?

It does.  My first guess would be that you don't have a folder named


Paul Winkler

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