[Zope] Problem with using versions.

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Thu Apr 12 14:12:41 EDT 2007

Catherine E. Reinehr wrote at 2007-4-11 13:53 -0500:
>I had no idea versions were so buggy; I
>wouldn't have used them in the first place if I had.  :/

"Version" was a very nice thing. We used it intensively back in the old
days of TTW development. They are far less usefull, as soon as
"global" objects (like catalogs and idexes) are involved.

"Version"s were really broken only for a short time span -- after
the massive restructuring of the ZODB code. The bug introduced
there was small (a "break" at the wrong place)
but very far reaching (the "Version" stopped to process its objects
after the first one). The problem was quickly fixed.


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