[Zope] Changing links base address

Peppe Top peppetop at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 18:18:42 EDT 2007


thanks to your help I've successfully searched and
edited the content of the site (the guy who manged it
is unavailable at the moment). Now when I look at
the html I see there are a lot of absolute links like:

<base ... www.site.net
<script ... www.site.net
<link ... www.site.net...css
<href ... www.site.net

Because I have to change domain, I was
looking to replace those links, with


What's the best way to do that?

Would it be a good idea using relative links?

I understand that my apache-zope configuration
utilizes VirtualHostMonster to translate addresses
so I guess absolute links could be there for good
reason, right?

This is apache+python2.3.5+zope2.8.7+plone2.1.2

Thanks for your time
-- Peppe

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