[Zope] nested queries and zpt

SpiderX sp1d3rx at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 19:14:05 EDT 2007

I have an internal application that I am developing, about server

I have a list of customers who own servers.
I have a list of software which is linked to the list of servers.
My server list looks like this (simplified):

url: "ServerList?CustomerID=123456"

<tal:x repeat="server here/serverlist-sql">
<tal:x replace="server/name">servername</tal:x>
<tal:x replace="server/ID">server ID number</tal:x>
<tal:x replace="structure here/ServerSoftwareList">list of software goes
The problem is that the ServerSoftwareList needs the "server/ID" passed to
it for the query, which will return the software on file for that server...
any ideas?
Derek Wilson
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