[Zope] Please Help - Extracting Info From ZEXP File

s calvinista at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 13 13:36:13 EDT 2007

I just took over a website that was done in Zope/Plone. The person formerly
responsible for it was not helpful to the client or me in the transition
process. Basically he emailed a ZEXP file to me, told me it contains
everything I need, and washed his hands of the whole project. I was able to
"grab" nearly all the html, css, and javascript files through the web before
he removed the site from his server, but now I realize a few pages were
missed. So, it seems the only possibility of restoring those missed pages is
if 1) everything really is in that ZEXP file and 2) I can find a way to "get
to it." I know nothing about Zope/Plone and, no offense to anyone, do not
plan on adding it to my repertoire of knowledge in the near future. I just
want the "normal" HTML content as it would've been displayed for these
certain pages that were not grabbed before he removed the site. Is this
possible? If so, could someone please spell out exactly how I can go about
retrieving this information from the ZEXP file?




Spinner at networthyinc dot com

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