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Mon Apr 23 11:41:42 EDT 2007

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Subject : Re: [Zope] Make a Zope Staging Server

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> | Hi,
> Hi, (please try to wrap lines at 72 chars...)
Sorry but I'm using an horrible web interface

> | I would like to have a Zope Staging Server where I make tests before publish
> | contents into the real Zope Web Server (I use 2 DBMSs too).
> | Unfortunately, EXTFile product (that I *MUST* use) don't give me the
> | possibility to use export/import functions (before import I should delete the
> | folder and consequently the linked FS files).
> Can you use EXTFile over a source control respository ? (subversion,
> cvs, et. al) and then 'check out' the version of the files you need.
> -- 
> Andrew Milton
> akm at theinternet.com.au

My issue is not publishing EXTFiles.
I have to "copy" the entire site (with EXTFiles, not only) but EXTFiles give me no possibility to use import function.
I saw that EXTFiles (used for a download area) operations have side-effect (i.e. delete extfile would delete the fs file) so I think I can't use them in a versioning system.
I'm looking for a solution (perhaps a script) that "synchronize" my ZODBs (maybe file copy?) and DBMSs



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