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Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Tue Apr 24 10:16:11 EDT 2007

--On 24. April 2007 15:05:49 +0100 Dean Hale <dean.hale at sunderland.ac.uk> 

> Hi
> I'm trying to implement some web tracking code within a page template,
> however a little stuck.
> In the code below i'd like to append the page template - page title
> between the <title> tags dynamically rather than having to manually add
> to each page
> <script language='JavaScript1.1' type='text/javascript'>
> <noscript>
> <img src="http://domain/xxx/xxx/s?websitename.PAGETITLE"
> width="1" height="1" alt="">
> </noscript>
> </script>

Please rephrase your posting. It's not easy to understand what your real
problem is (using TALES within the <script> tag?).

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