[Zope] Custom Zope ZPT login page

Jonathan dev101 at magma.ca
Thu Apr 26 16:44:46 EDT 2007

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Subject: [Zope] Custom Zope ZPT login page

>I use Zope with a custom application that I'm writing using strait Zope,
> MSSQL, ZSQL methods, and ZPT, with some python / javascript scripts along
> the way. I want to write my own login page, instead of using the HTTP 
> auth,
> I would like to present a webpage saying 'login required' (which is open 
> to
> anonymous) as an alternative to the popup HTTP auth. I've seen this with
> Plone, but is it possible with regular Zope? If not, what do I need to get
> that?

A search of  "Pluggable Authentication Service" (PAS), may get you something 


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