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Yuri yurj at alfa.it
Mon Dec 3 04:28:36 EST 2007

> Hey,
> On Nov 29, 2007 8:43 PM, Chris Withers <chris at simplistix.co.uk> wrote:
>> Martijn Faassen wrote:
>>> the work of collecting interesting Zope 2 products, contacting the
>>> authors (not strictly necessary but always a good thing to do) and
>>> checking them in, possibly
>>> cleaning things up here and there.
>> Well, I think is is fine for products where the original maintainer has
>> "gone away" and the original repository is no longer available, but I
>> think that having multiple forks on products with active repositories is
>> asking for trouble.
> Of course, so we should avoid this by trying to contact the original
> developer(s). I
> guess I wasn't clear about 'not strictly necessary'; I'd consider it
> less necessary if there
> has been no development for years, but of even then sending off an
> email makes sense. It might
> not make sense to wait indefinitely for an answer, however.
>> I would have thought the key thing would be to build something like the
>> cheeseshop but for zope products. But that's really one of the key
>> things that zope.org should be, no?
>> Maybe http://products.zope.org would be a simpler thing to build and get
>> running?
> I think a Plone site should be able to run something like this, as
> plone.org does, right? Anyway,
> I don't think the technology is the most work here. We need someone to
> go through and create
> the content. Even a simple web-page listing interesting products and
> where to find them would already
> be tremendous progress.  Content will be our challenge, let's not
> worry about technology too much, which
> should be in good hands.

Yes, but we need a way to tell people "this is a well mantained product" 
or "this is just a product, we don't know if it will be updated" and 
some different situations in the middle.

 Maybe a tagging system on the products should be enough.

> Regards,
> Martijn
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