[Zope] Don't use Solaris for Zope/ZEO!

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Tue Dec 4 15:38:18 EST 2007

Occasionally, someone asks whether Solaris is an adequate platform
for Zope/ZEO deployment.

Up to now, I answered to those questions -- we are using Solaris
in our backend and up to now we did not see problems.

This changed a few days ago -- we met an incredible limitation
in Solaris: the number of "File" streams is limited to 256
in 32 bit applications.... This limitation caused us ZEO restarts
once or twice a day since several days (with a completely
stupid error message EAGAIN from "fdopen").

The problem is described in

Don't use Solaris for Zope/ZEO, unless your are willing to
deploy it as a 64 bit application (which we will try with our ZEO)
or you are using at least Solaris 10 update 4.

Watch out for "EAGAIN" exceptions from "fdopen" or
other file creation functions. They indicate that Solaris
has hit its 256 "File" limit....


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