[Zope] Re: pointers on predicting ZODB size based on size of files to be imported?

Raphael Ritz r.ritz at biologie.hu-berlin.de
Wed Dec 5 07:06:29 EST 2007

michael nt milne wrote:
> Hi
> Is there any documentation anywhere or advice on being able to estimate 
> the size of a potential Zope ZODB instance based on the size of a 
> current site? For example if you were to have a site of say 5 gb 
> consisting of HTML pages, graphics, images, pdfs, word docs, excel files 
> etc : are there any pointers anywhere on roughly how many gigs of ZODB 
> this would take up? Obviously word, excel and other binary formats will 
> likely translate to more weight...
> Also are there any ZODB growth prediction charts at all?

There is no general answer to this question other than "it depends" ;-)

In addition to the raw amount of data that you listed the most
important additional piece of information you didn't provide
is how busy people will be changing things.

As any change or edit to an object causes this object to be written
to the ZODB again your ZODB can grow (almost) arbitrarily fast until
you pack it again. As packing removes the history (up to a point) it
is again a policy decision on your side how much history you want
or need to keep.

With regard to the overhead added by having a file live in the ZODB
versus being on the file system I think you shouldn't even worry.
For a first estimate this difference shouldn't matter.
There are exceptions, of course, like when you add Archetypes to
the picture as AT tends to add a lot of overhead but that's not
really a ZODB issue.

Just my 2 cents.


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