[Zope] Appending to a file via manage_edit?

Jeff Gentry jgentry at jimmy.harvard.edu
Tue Dec 11 12:04:36 EST 2007

I've been looking around for this, but can't seem to find anything.  I'm
assuming that it is just not possible, but thought I'd ask just in case.

For File objects, I see that manage_edit() has the parameters: title,
content_type, precondition, filedata & REQUEST.  Setting something in the
filedata parameter will replace the file's current data with that.

This implies (to me at least) that the only way one can edit a file is a
complete rewrite.  Does there exist a way to simply append data to the end
of the file?  For instance, if one wanted to write to a file line by line,
is that possible in Zope?


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