[Zope] Problems creating plone3_buildout on Windows

kamal hamzat hamzat at dnetsystems.net
Mon Dec 17 21:35:16 EST 2007


These are the messages i got when I issue this statement:
paster create -t plone3_buildout optilux8005.

Creating template plone3_buildout
Creating directory .\optilux8005
  Copying README.txt to .\optilux8005\README.txt
  Copying bootstrap.py to .\optilux8005\bootstrap.py
You don't have the C version of NameMapper installed! I'm disabling Cheetah's us
eStackFrames option as it is painfully slow with the Python version of NameMappe
r. You should get a copy of Cheetah with the compiled C version of NameMapper.
  Copying buildout.cfg_tmpl to .\optilux8005\buildout.cfg
  Recursing into products
    Creating .\optilux8005\products/
    Copying README.txt to .\optilux8005\products\README.txt
  Recursing into src
    Creating .\optilux8005\src/
    Copying README.txt to .\optilux8005\src\README.txt
  Recursing into var
    Creating .\optilux8005\var/
    Copying README.txt to .\optilux8005\var\README.txt
Generation finished
You probably want to run python bootstrap.py and then edit
buildout.cfg before running bin/buildout -v

See README.txt for details

C:\>cd optilux8005

C:\optilux8005>python bootstrap.py
Creating directory 'C:\\optilux8005\\bin'.
Creating directory 'C:\\optilux8005\\parts'.
Creating directory 'C:\\optilux8005\\eggs'.
Creating directory 'C:\\optilux8005\\develop-eggs'.
Generated script 'C:\\optilux8005\\bin\\buildout'.

C:\optilux8005>cd bin

Error: Couldn't open C:\optilux8005\bin\buildout.cfg

I am using Zope 2.10.5-final, python 2.4.4, win32.

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