[Zope] Re: ZPL and GPL: What should one consider when choosing a license?

David Pratt fairwinds at eastlink.ca
Sat Dec 22 11:05:57 EST 2007

I would also agree the different license has caused this issue. I don't 
think that it is beneficial to rehash past decisions but better to offer 
up solutions that are reasonably considered.

The problem posed is that that GPL'd code will normally have only GPL 
consumers. To this end, there is nothing in the way of the Plone 
Foundation releasing back low level components under the ZPL or a choice 
of GPL/ZPL other than the will to do so. This decision has little to do 
with IP or the where the code will be housed. The PF could use its 
discretion what to release in this way to ensure that Plone remains Plone.

I am speaking of generic low level components that could easily 
integrated into any zope project. There is certainly no need to be 
duplicating components and efforts under separate licensing regimes. 
There is on the other hand, a much stronger need to have solid 
components that are receiving the full attention of the community and 
uniting the developer community at large.

I am certain, the release of such components under a choice of GPL or 
ZPL would be welcomed by the zope community. It would certainly 
demonstrate stewardship toward Zope itself, without which Plone would 
not exist, and cultivate a reciprocal relationship to strengthen both 
the software base of generic components and a community that has always 
been divided over this issue. This is certainly my personal wish.


Ricardo Newbery wrote:

> Chris McDonough didn't appear to label the GPL as "anti-sharing".  On 
> the contrary, it's the existence of *both* licenses in the same 
> community that he appears to describe as anti-sharing.  And since in the 
> Zope community, the ZPL came first and is the core license, it's a 
> legitimate complaint that it's the later adoption of a different license 
> by a subcommunity that is the primary culprit.

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