[Zope] Re: ZPL and GPL: What should one consider when choosing a license?

Ross Patterson me at rpatterson.net
Wed Dec 26 21:56:43 EST 2007

Ross Patterson <me at rpatterson.net> writes:

> Chris McDonough <chrism at plope.com>
> writes:
>> On Dec 21, 2007, at 3:53 PM, Ross Patterson wrote:
>> Now I've gotta run out of here before a licensing discussion breaks
>> out. ;-)
> I suppose this topic is just too volatile, but it would be great to
> have some documentation somewhere for developers like myself who don't
> really have strongly formed opinions or practices on licensing.  I'd
> love to have a page I can go to, read the facts, a sampling of the
> opinions, all provided just for the purposes of giving developers a
> resource for making their own decision.

I'm really a bit embarrassed that I started this thread.  All I really
wanted was to find or maybe instigate the creation of resources for
developers such as myself who want to learn enough about the licenses
available to make a choice.  I don't want to participate in or instigate
a licensing debate.

This is not to say I don't think it's worth debating.  I think
impassioned opinions and debates about licensing are necessary and
healthy.  It's just not why I started this thread.

The amusing thing is much of the most useful information I've gotten has
been off list.  :)

It seems as though a creating an informative resource on licensing in
the Zope and/or Plone communities is not possible due to these
impassioned opinions.  As such, I'd like to to consider that conclusion
to be the resolution of this thread.  :)


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