[Zope] Please help in selecting approach (zope2, 3, +grok, plone) for a new project

Chetan Kumar chetan.mlist at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 01:51:08 EST 2007

Hi all
I am to start working on a new web (site/application) project. Wanted
to find out better route from among the available choices. In other
words what are *you* using ?

I have used zope 2 and plone in my past projects. The question arises
now as we have new rewrite of zope with grok on the horizon and plone
as always is there (with a new version). There is also new CMS based
on zope (hivert announced recently on zope-dev). Exciting times, but a
little confusion too.

The site will tend towards social networking some time later as I see
the requirements taking shape. At the moment it is about people
joining a community website and exchanging information on a particular
topic, reviewing items (articles, links, photos) added to the site.


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