[Zope] running Zope/Plone on a Windows Virtual Machine?

knitti knitti at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 09:58:34 EST 2007

On 11/7/07, michael nt milne <michael.milne at gmail.com> wrote:
> ok, so you could have two virtual machines say development and also staging
> which sat alongside a live production 'non virtual' instance of Zope. This
> would all sit on the one physical machine. The dev and staging instances
> would be switched off and on as required. With enough RAM and CPU would this
> be a realistic set-up for a service?
Yes. Here are the implications:
- the hardware is your single point of complete failure
- the whole machine would share its performance among native and virtual
instances, so staging and development will have an impact on the production
- if you production instance gets compromised, its not far for
intruders to staging/development
- the other way round (atack on zope instance, then attack on vm to
reach the host)
is pobably not very much harder

why don't you just run 3 zope instances on the host? If its a pure
zope application,
then they won't interfere with each other. Although you can't upgrade zope
idependently then, its in any case better resource-wise.


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