[Zope] Tutorial Problems

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Nov 14 14:10:10 EST 2007

Xavier Balling wrote at 2007-11-12 19:45 -0500:
>I am a newbie to Zope and am evaluating it for a project but I am having a
>basic problem getting it to work properly.  Any hints or advice would be
>helpful. I have searched online for similar problems to no avail.
>I have installed on a windows platform here are the specifics:
> ...
>Although the ZMI works, I login with no errors,  Products and/or Objects
>that should be accessed from a can URL can't :
>  - i.e. Zoo Object Folder created per the Zope Book 2.6 (
>http://localhost:8080/Zoo  ) - I get the following error
> You have not created any users in this Zope instance. In order to log in
>and manage this Zope instance, you'll need to add an adminstrative user

Usually, Zope (and Python) error message are quite good -- worth to be
read carefully.

In your case, the message tells you:

  Add a user and use this user to manage the Zope instance.

To add a user visit "acl_users" in the "ZMI".
There, use the "Add..." button, fill in the login details
(do not forget to grant the "Manager" role) and add.

Then, close your browser, reopen it and authenticate as
the new user. You should then be able to add other things....

Come back, if you have more problems....


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