[Zope] dtml-tree - change icons

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Nov 21 13:10:32 EST 2007

Ulla Theiss wrote at 2007-11-21 15:52 +0100:
> ...
>we are using the dtml-tree - and we need other pictures for the plus and 
>the minus symbol. How can we change them?

The code does not support to change the plus and minus symbols.

Your options:

  *  You change the code (--> "TreeDisplay.TreeTag.tpRenderTABLE")

  *  You use monkey patching to redefine "p_/mi" and "p_/pl"
     (this will have global effect, of course)

  *  You forget about "dtml-tree" and use a Page Template based
     tree package.

     "ZTUtils.Tree" contains such a package and Page Templates
     contains an example how to use it.

     However, I was told that there is a better tree package (forgot
     its name).

A long time ago, I went for option 3.


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