[Zope] Bus error

Ben Bartrum bba at inbox.com
Mon Nov 26 12:04:04 EST 2007

I'm recreating a Zope site from a SunOS server on FreeBSD.  Zope starts but as soon as anything is accessed (including the ZMI), it bombs out with just:

  LOG('ZODB', WARNING, 'Could not import class %s '
Bus error

I rsynced the ZOPE_HOME from the SunOS server.   Could it be that there are things in the ZOPE_HOME that are compiled for SunOS?  However, I have done this successfully for another version of Zope.

The only thing you can access (provided you access it before anything else) is the DeadlockDebugger , which then doesn't show the normal 4 threads - it only shows:

   Threads traceback dump at 2007-11-26 17:00:02

   End of dump

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