[Zope] Frustrated with Python and Frameworks. Zope, Grok, Django, CherryPy

knitti knitti at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 04:23:12 EST 2007

On 11/27/07, Rene B <rb2.net at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm afraid to learn Zope 2 because I have no idea what direction it's going in.

Oh come on. Anyone 'afraid' to learn something has lost already. Either
you don't want to learn it, or you do want. If you like it, use it.
Making simple
Web applications in Zope 2 actually is so easy, one can't even speak of
a real effort, so don't make it one an just start using it. You'll become more
proficient quickly, and if you still like it, stick with it and try
more complex things.

> There aren't any new products out for Zope 2 and the ones that are there
> haven't been touched for years.

well, they work. At least the ones I use (PluggableUserFolder, GroupUserFolder,
ExtFile, CMF). And CMF _is_ evolving, ExtFile seems maintained and a whole
lot of other Products are, too - just not on zope.org, so it's a bit
tricky to find

If you use Zope, and find something you'll need as Product, perhaps you'll
write you own. It's not very hard, just read the code of some other Products.

> Zope 2 wiki seems dead.  I was looking the other day for some type of  auto
> CRUD for Zope 2. couldn't find  anyting.

There are many who don't need any auto CRUD just because they don't need
any database besides ZODB. And in ZODB CRUD==python. And you have
ZSQL Methods to bake your own.

> No one seems to be adding anything new
> to Zope 2 which scares me the most.

I would call this maturity, and I'm happy about it. Or do you mean a lack of
shiny drop-in web 2.0 products you only have to click together to become
excited? Well...

> If I take the time to learn a tool I want to make sure it's going to be around
> for awhile and have good support and new addons  being added all of the time to
> help me.

Zope 2 has been around a long time already, and I *think* it'll be much longer.
Much software which is being added on constantly is crap, because someone
has to maintain the *existing* add-ons and someone has to write the new
add-ons. This is the old question whether a software is "finished" some day
or not (feature creep).


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