[Zope] Prepopolate miniportal

Francesco Margutti 063927 at student.unife.it
Wed Nov 28 08:09:20 EST 2007

I want to create a new Miniportal object that is pre-populated with a 
variety of content objects.
I have just create a product for this but my problem is yhe insert of 
I have create my structur with:

        self.invokeFactory(id='prova', type_name='Folder')
        obj.invokeFactory(id='newsitem_1', type_name='News Item')
        obj.invokeFactory(id='document_1', type_name='Document')
        documento=getattr(obj, 'document_1')
        *documento.edit('html', '<p>This is a new Page</p>')*
        obj.invokeFactory(id='image_1', type_name='Image')
        obj.invokeFactory(id='cartella1', type_name='Folder')
        folder10=getattr(obj, 'cartella1')
        folder10.invokeFactory(id='sottocartella1', type_name='Folder')

But i want insert in this structure a already existing template that is 
in the folder of the script.
How can i do this?? What does parameters must i use in the method 
Thank you very much.


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