[Zope] Re: Portal catalog not always finding my content type

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Wed Nov 28 20:07:22 EST 2007

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Maurits van Rees wrote:
> Hi,
> In some test code I add a custom content type called School.  Then I
> check if it has been added to the portal catalog.  And I call a
> function in a PAS plugin that searches for a School within the catalog
> and does something with that.  This all works.  Tests pass.  I am
> happy.
> But in practice it somehow does not work.  In the portal_catalog
> within the ZMI I can clearly see that a School is present in the
> catalog.  But the code in my PAS plugin does not find it.  And in a
> zopectl debug session I also cannot find it.
> Here is some code I use.  Product is another custom content type.
>   cat = getToolByName(self, 'portal_catalog')
>   assert(len(cat()) > 5)
>   assert(len(cat(portal_type='Product')) > 5)
>   assert(len(cat(portal_type='School')) > 0)
> The first two assertions pass, so the catalog seems to be functioning
> properly.  The last assertion fails.
> Can anyone think of a reason why this could happen?  Should I add some
> more parameters to the catalog call?  Should I use searchResults
> instead, or queryCatalog?
> This is on Plone 3.0 btw, with Zope 2.10.5.  CMFPlone overwrites the
> default CatalogTool from zope, so I thought about asking on a plone
> list instead.  But since it *does* go correct in the tests I thought
> it was probably not something Plone specific.  Feel free to direct me
> to a different list though. :)
> Thanks,

One of the overrides in the CMF catalog tool (and inherited in the Plone
version, AFAIK) is filtering out content which the user wouldn't be
permitted to view if she did find it.  Are you sure that your School
object is in an appropriate workflow state for the user to find?

You should be able to look at the content of the catalog (on its
"Catalog" tab) and find your School object.  Look at the content of the
'allowedRolesAndUsers' index for that object:  does it say something
like '("Manager",)"?

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