[Zope] Response to Matijn Faassen Grok/Zope 2 question.

Rene B rb2.net at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 20:29:52 EST 2007

Thanks for the feed back. I didn't expect the responses i got from a post

I like some of the suggestions.  Some one mentioned he used Zope 2 as 
a "container"
 for his Python scripts. He used Python as much as possible for logic and 
 used DTML and ZPT to view the results. i like this approach.
I'll stick with Zope 2 to continue the learning curve.
I wanted to answer some questions asked by Martijn Fassen
 regarding grok and what I liked about Zope 2.
I do like the Zope 2 ZMI.  It helps organize visually your MVC. I do like
 coding TTW and seeing a 
template file or controller all organized in a project directory and testing 
live just by clicking the link.  I 
also like the "ADD" feature. It list all the products/components you can add.
 It would be nice to have 
this in Grok since i don't know what is out there to add and what they do. 
 And "add" feature with a description/docs and simple code example
 would be nice. Example would be the the "formlib". 
 a database connection(relational)  helper would be helpful too. I don't
 think i'll be diving into the ZODB 
right now for 2 reasons. There isn't a whole lot of ZODB docs and what
 happens if i create a project at 
work ( i,e, asset tracking ) and the other programmers in the office only
 know SQL . If i have all me data 
is in  ZODB how will they be able to get at it? If the asset tracking app
 grows i know these other programmers will wont to get to the
 data to do some adhoc report. I'll be cooked if they can't get to it 
via SQL. Unless there is a way i have not read about yet!
Maybe someone should write some reverse ORM to translate SQL
 and query a ZODB database!!!  stupid i 

I will  go through the Grok Tutorials again. i did have a problem
 with installation.  
"zope3recipes\winctl.py line 28"  no module named win32api.
i may have missed some prerequisite.  I'll have to go through it again. 
 Zope 2 had a nice windows 
install .exe package!!!!!!!

The tutorial did have a few steps wrong. Naming the projects and
 packages come after module name 
and username and password. Not a big deal but i thought i would 
mention it.
my Grok install ended up in c:\python24\scripts\sample
it would be nice if Grok was installed in its own self contained
 directory with a self contained version of 
the required python version.  Just nice to keep it isolated from python 2.5 +.

The more docs and tutorials the better. Nothing in my opinion is more
 important to learning and 
sticking with a platform. if you run out of docs and tutorials to grow 
on you get soured quickly. 

once last thing about the ZMI and if it were to make its way to 
Grok ( even partially)!  
why not have the GMI add some code for you automatically like :

import Grok
Class Sample(grok.Application, grok.Container):
Class index(grok.View):

It would save typing if we could click "New App" and enter "Sample" and
 have the MI add the rest of the 
small code. Mabe i'm being lazy but Zope 2 seemed to hide this from you.
same with the rest of the controllers and templates
"add"   "controller" enter "index". the rest of code is genersted.
"add"  "template"  template name index.pt.

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