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Date: 1. Oktober 2007 17:58:06 +1200
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Thanks for the response Andreas

You are correct in that my understanding of Zope is rather shallow!

More to the point as to what I am attempting to do:

What I have done with Paradox and do not know how to duplicate with Zope is
to place three editable fields on a form (Date, Person and Account) and a
table  that lists the store inventory.

The store inventory is downloaded from Postgres each time the form is
accessed, and is sorted (type, item).  This info is displayed on the table
as  well as the item store number which is hidden from view or rather is in
the  underlying table.  On the table is also an editable field to enter the
quantity of goods issued.

Paradox makes it a simple matter to filter the displayed info by type, or
to  search for the required item to locate it and enter the issued goods.

The great benefit of using Zope is of course the access levels that can be
set  up.  The site is to cover Safety, Quality and the store.  The
organisations  owner/manager can from a browser, access the information he
wants.  Supplying  him and others with the information from Zope, is of
course relatively  straight forward - it is the input forms that have me.
Once I have got this  one going the rest should be straight forward.

As both Paradox and Python have a common root in Pascal I have not found
too  much difficulty in writing code in either.

Some help will be much appreciated


On Monday 01 October 2007 06:03, Andreas Jung wrote:
> --On 1. Oktober 2007 05:52:07 +1200 Inspire <maxw at inspire.net.nz> wrote:
> > To update one entry into the database from the browser is
> > straight-forward.
> Huh? You can of course as much SQL statements within one Zodb request as
> you like. Why should this be limited to only one update??
> >  I  have not worked out how to enter multiple
> > transaction yet.
> There is usually no need to deal with transactions on your own. Most
> database adapters abort/commit together with a ZODB abort/commit. The
> transactional integrity is given.
> > It is probably pushing the boundary of Zope,
> Unlikely your pushing the boundary...obviously you need a deeper
> understanding of Zope....at least your posting does not contain much
> valuable informations about what you are really trying to achieve and how
> you are trying it to achieve...another try...explain what you're trying to
> do and how.
> -aj

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