[Zope] HOw to create a Zope Instance ?

Ben Bartrum bba at inbox.com
Thu Oct 4 04:40:36 EDT 2007

Getting seriously OT but this got me interested in what kind of company this is, and whether it has anything to do with Zope's Zeo, so I used  their search box to search the word Zeo.  The result is interesting.

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> --On 4. Oktober 2007 08:10:29 +0100 Chris Withers
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> wrote:
>> System User wrote:
>>> How t create a zope instance, how to give database connections to it?
>> You're at Zeomega, I'm sure there's someone who can help you out
>> there...
> I have the impression that ppl at Zeomega don't talk to each other....
> -aj

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